[WWI] First report: Clear cigarette paper

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 14 17:58:58 EDT 2007

>From: Joe Langreder

>If its really paper, it may shrink like Japanese tissue after its wetted 
>and the seam may shrink smooth.

I may have to try this. But I still don't know what this stuff is actually 
made of. When it gets wet, it wants to roll up on itself into a very small 
tube. I did find what seemed o be the JoB site but these clear papers aren't 
even mentioned.
And since Buzz and Michael Wuyek asked, I did try gluing a bit to some sprue 
with elmers white. After it dried I was easily able to pull it apart, but it 
was the bond with the plastic that failed. The white glue pulled off with 
the paper and I wasn't able to pull the glue off the paper, which I'm pretty 
sure I would be able to do if it was plastic celophane.
On the paint experiment, Tamiya acrylic flaked off easily, the enamels stuck 
very well.
And I made a mistake on the dimensions of these paper. They are 3"x1-1/4", 
not 3x1-3/4.
Overall impression hasn't changed. It's not what I hoped for but it should 
still come in handy some day.
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