[WWI] First report: Clear cigarette paper

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Have you ever tried using film splicing tape? It like cellophane tape but is 
crystal clear nad doesn't yellow with age. Might be to small for anything 
bigger than 1/72. I have used it for windows in ot aircraft. Some models are 
over 30yrs old and it is still fine.

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> Here's what I've learned so far:
> The package says this stuff is clear because the paper hasn't gone through 
> the chemical process that is normally used to turn the paper white. Now I 
> admit I don't really know jack chit about paper making in general and even 
> less about making rolling papers. But I would have bet a nickle that any 
> whitening process that paper goes through would be a bleaching process, to 
> remove undesireable(?) color. Anyone qualified to educate me(us) on 
> matters of paper manufacture?
> On 2nd thought, I'll just look up the JoB website. It is the age of the 
> internet, right?
> Anyway.... This stuff doesn't stick at all to styrene if you try just 
> licking it. Don't imagine it would stick to resin or metal either. I did 
> attach a piece of it to a bit of sprue with a little tenex glue. It was a 
> pretty good bond but I could easily peel it back over itself. The bond 
> held better against a shearing pull but I was still able to pull it apart. 
> I then glued it to the sprue with CA, which held very well. I could pull 
> it back over itself but when I pulled it in a shear, the clear paper tore, 
> leaving a section stuck to the sprue. Also notable was the nearly 
> permanent fingerprint that got pressed into the paper. And along those 
> same line is the seam from where it was folded to go into the packaging. 
> No matter how I tried pulling it tight, the seam never did become 
> invisible.This means that the biggest section you can get without the fold 
> seam is 3" x 5/8". I then applied 3 common brands of model paint to the 
> sample(Model Master Enamel, Humbrol enamel and Tamiya acrylic) to see how 
> well they stick to the paper. I also put a strip of Evergreen strip in the 
> paint while it was wet to see if it might have any adhesive properties. 
> I'll report those results after the paint has had time to fully cure. 
> Without having a micrometer, I can't say how thin this stuff is. It 
> handles similar to, but not exactly like, the celophane from a cigarette 
> pack. However, for about half the price of a pack of cigarettes, you can 
> have 32 sheets of 3"x1-3/4" clear film, folded in half lengthwise.
> It isn't the wonder film I hoped it would be but it's certainly welcome on 
> the bench. I'm sure I'll find some use for it.
> Oh yeah, as a rolling paper it looks really weird and handles kinda weird 
> but it's tasteless, which means it tastes better than white paper and it 
> burns real slow so you get a lot more tokes from your joint. However, as I 
> mentioned before: It captures fingerprints really well so I wouldn't 
> recomend it for anyone who doesn't want to leave that sort of traceable 
> evidence laying around.
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