[WWI] Blackburd

Eric Gallaud egallaud at club-internet.fr
Thu Jul 12 17:20:43 EDT 2007

Hello everyone,

I just received a small parcel from Karaya with a Short 827, very nicely
cast resin and nice plane.
I also received the Blackburn Blackburd (late). What an ugly plane !!!
May be the ugliest one.
It is also nicely moulded and compared to the drawing published in the
Windsock International vol18 nb5, it is almost spot on. The major
difference is on the tail, the span is too large by about 2mm.Same
problem for the main wings.
A particularity of this plane is its struts. They have a shape that will
be difficult to reproduce, so I will use them in resin. I hope they will
be strong enough. I usually replace them by plastic ones.

All the very best

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