[WWI] Rigging

John Huggins huggins1 at swbell.net
Wed Jul 11 12:44:17 EDT 2007

Thanks Steven,  I forgot about that part.  I usually use the back  
side if a scalpel to scrape the excess off.

On Jul 11, 2007, at 11:04 AM, Steven Perry wrote:

> One point I did not see made, (apologies if I missed it), you have  
> to keep
> the pin, wire or needle clean. I keep a small candle burning and  
> have a
> small dish of water handy. I burn off the CA and then dip the  
> needle in the
> water to cool it.
> Not keeping the applicator clean will soon result in blobs of CA being
> deposited where you intended to place a fracion of a small drop.
> And before someone points out the safety risks of burning CA, allow  
> me to
> surmise that anyone with enough sense to assemble and rig a WWI  
> biplane is
> likely to also have the sense not to huff the fumes.
> sp

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