[WWI] Another F2b question, barely OT

Diego Fernetti d_fernetti at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 9 18:44:47 EDT 2007

>1). Since this will be a wartime airframe later painted silver, does anyone 
>have an informed opinion as to whether the fabric would be simply 
>overpainted, so I can leave the inside CDL, or would it have been 
>recovered, using salmon pink/red primer?

If a complete refurbish/update of the machine was performed, chances are 
that the fuselage was recovered in new fabric. I'd go with the 
primer-thru-fabric interior.

>2). The pilot had a metal seat, square in plan view, and I assume much like 
>any other '20s and '30s fighter seat. Does anyone have any other idea as to 

I'd use a aluminium bucket pattern, just like those in the contemporary 
designs. Those were usually squarish in plan view, as you mention.

>If anyone can help, better take it offlist as these mods are definately 

I'll send some images offlist tomorrow

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