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on 9/7/07 12:14 pm, Hugh Beyts at hugh at sensorydimensions.com wrote:

> Thanks for the input on this chaps.
> The two pictures I have seen of the tub indicate something light coloured
> (clean armour plate?) with some discoloration.
> Given the treatment that the steel billets underwent to create the armour I
> imagine they were pretty discoloured at the end of the process and were
> cleaned up before dispatch to the various airframe manufactures. I imagine the
> stuff corroded/oxidised pretty quick due to the level of impurities needed to
> create the armour plate. Hence my thoughts that it might have been necessary
> to give it some sort of protective coating. At the very least there must be
> some sort of drainage holes in the bottom to cope with the inevitable build up
> of moisture from rain and condensation.
> Do any armour devotees have some knowledge on plate in service that can shed
> some light on colouration? Essentially it's the same stuff.
> Hugh
I think the insides of the tanks were finished in white, to give the crew a
chance of seeing, but the same philosophy may not be applicable in an

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