[WWI] Snow!!!!!!

Diego Fernetti d_fernetti at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 9 18:28:47 EDT 2007

>The weather is crazy,it's snowing in BUENOS AIRES.
>I'm sorry for the weathercast it's not normal at all.

One more time, a proof that your city is populated by brigands, sauvages, 
barbares and scum of the seas. Under the strict municipal ordnance which I'm 
allowed to enforce, it hasn't snowed in Rosario at all, keeping with our 
proper standards of moderation. All those preposterous meteorological 
events, like  snowfalls, eclipses and earthquakes are best left for the 
uncultured populace.
I just hope that you haven't made profit of this freak phenomenum to perform 
more human sacrifices than usual.
drinking hot cocoa and watching "Barney" all day long.

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