[WWI] Bristol E2285, No. 139 Sqn

J. Michael Vice jmikl at cmc.net
Mon Jul 9 04:42:15 EDT 2007

My next project is likely to be a No. 139 Sqn Bristol, E2285 "A".  Decades ago I built this aircraft using the old Aurora kit and it was quite pretty, with its 23 thin black and white stripes around the rear fuselage and upperwing-length white-black-white stripes connecting the roundels.

Looking for details, I searched for the aircraft on Google ("E2285" +Bristol) but there was nothing of use.  Google did note that Matt Bittner wrote some stuff about this aircraft in an issue of WWI-models.org "way back when," but that was before I knew about this site, so I have no idea what the entry contained.  If Matt recalls his comments or if anyone has any info, I'd like some help:

Since the aircraft served in Italy I would assume that it was used for ground attack and bombing as well as line patrol.  If that is so, the Roden Bristol, with its selection of bombs, would probably be the best choice.  But if it didn't carry bombs, I'd be more inclined to build the Eduard version.  Also, since it was a relatively late entry to the war I assume that it COULD have had twin Lewises in the observer's pit, which is an option in the Roden kit.

Any thoughts on how I should dress the bird?  All other things being equal, does the group have a preference as to whether I should use the Eduard kit, perhaps with Roden's bombs and Lewises, or just use the Roden version?

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