[WWI] Schultz's Early-Fokker D.VII

mikemuth at ptd.net mikemuth at ptd.net
Fri Jul 6 23:14:05 EDT 2007

I sort of remember that if it was an OAW version, the axle was split , one
half mauve, one half green. I suspect the other mfgrs. also kept to a pattern.
If you know which co. built his aircraft, I will try and look it up in Vol 2 or 3.
Mike Muth
"J. Michael Vice" <jmikl at cmc.net> said:

> I've finally decided to get serious about finishing this kit and I've
painted much of it, but I need help on the colors for the axle-wing.  Fokker
Anthology No. 1 shows a number of color drawings, but I can't see the
axle-wing.  Three possibilities come to mind:
> 1.  The thing is covered with 5-color lozenge, top and bottom, just like the
wings (whose upper top was overpainted red).
> 2.  It was painted solid "Fokker Green" on top and light blue underneath.
> 3.  It was painted like the fuselage (before the white overcoating), CDL
with streaky Fokker Green on top and light blue under.
> Anyone have special insights--or a WAG ("wild-a**-guess")?
>                                             Mike


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