[WWI] Spada Decals

Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Fri Jul 6 20:13:35 EDT 2007


If you are in the US is it possible to order from http://www.misterkitusa.com/

>    Knut Erik recently made me aware of Spada-Decals.com for WWI decals and
they have quite a selection for Nieuport 17s (British, French, Italian,
Belgian, Russian) and three sheets for Belgian Camels.  (The 1/32 set for
Voss's Alb. D.III is VERY interesting!)  Pricey, at 6.5 Euros per sheet (one
plane only, on most sheets), but VERY pretty.
>    Problem is, the website notes that they accept PayPal but not credit
cards.  Can anyone help me with details on how to set up a PayPal account so
I can order some of these decals?  
>    TIA.

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