[WWI] Telford update

Nigel Rayner nigel at rosnar.demon.co.uk
Thu Jul 5 16:05:08 EDT 2007

Hi all,

Been in deep lurk mode due to work pressures (and applying rib tapes to an
SSDIII, which has been driving me mad - the things have so many bl**dy
ribs!!!). However, I thought I'd give all those that are interested an
update on the likelihood of us getting a display table at SMW this year. I
had a promising email exchange with the Show Manager a few weeks back in
which he indicated in principle it should be no issue for us to have a
display table. He asked for a list of members, which I've sent three times
but so far he hasn't replied. So I'm chasing him up again and will let you
know once I have heard back from him. But it does look like we will have a
base and an opportunity to display some models.

Joel, if you're out there, any chance of you coming along? I'm hoping
(fingers crossed) to have the 1/144 Zeppelin ready to display and it would
fantsatic to show a couple of your 1/144 gems alongside this.



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