[WWI] Fixes for Revell Fokker D.VIIs

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Thu Jul 5 11:33:55 EDT 2007

> I have a large amount of Revell Fokker D.VIIs,and rather than scrap them
> all in favor of the Roden/MAC products, I'd like a word or two (or 
> site/article/drawings) on how to
> change them to the various makers. I do have ONE Roseplane resin nose 
> conversion for the most difficult, > the OAW version, with those "bumpy" 
> louvers.

Here's something you may find useful
Recently I reworked a Revell/Lodela kit of the Fokker. Is a sweet little 
kit, you ned to supply a complete cockpit and guns, though, and check your 
references on those different louvres you mention. Other changes I made were 
a revised gun deck, new tailskid, new struts and refined the tail surfaces 
(new ribs and some shape changes). One thing  added was a deeper "chin" as I 
felt that the Revell kit had a more round shape than the kit has. Also added 
a small inspection plate in the belly of the airplane. Apart from that, all 
looks quite well despite the age of the kit, and compares very well to the 
new Rodens in shape.

> A friend has the D.VII datefile (I believe) if that has drawings, I could 
> ask him.

Borrow that. There's many updated drawings by now, but it's a great help 
nevertheless. Also you can pick up the "In Action" booklet, that is 
inexpensive and has large format pictures.

> SOMEONE come out with a complete wing profile, including rib tapes as a 
> decal.

Keep wishing. In fact every airplane was a little different and you may get 
too constrained if provided with a one piece big decal... remember just this 
as a general rule: bolts were applied chordwise to wings, but spanwise to 
ailerons and elevators... unless you find a specific picture showing the 
contrary. Ther is little to apply as a general rule, and the best you can do 
is follow a picture in each case, for each manufacturer, for any anomaly due 
to field repair, etc. etc. I've found too that large replacement patches 
were applied too!

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