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Steve Cox steve at oldglebe.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Jul 3 15:26:42 EDT 2007

on 2/7/07 11:05 pm, J. Michael Vice at jmikl at cmc.net wrote:

> You guys (Oops!  Sorry, Karen!) have been great in helping me with various
> questions.  I'd like to return the favor.  I have a semi-huge library whose
> information I would like to make available.  It includes complete sets of
> C&C-US, C&C-I, OTF, Windsock and Datafiles, and many, many more items,
> especially hardbook books.
> If anyone needs for me to look up anything, drop me a line at
>         jmikl at cmc.net.
>                                             Mike

Do you have any idea what you might be letting yourself in for?   :)

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