[WWI] 54 Sqdn. Redux

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> Hi, Diego:
> There were some "colorful" schemes:  A few machines in
> Home Defence squadrons, some trainers, instructors'
> machines in the Fighting Schools, the Felixstowe
> flying boats, and some of the RNAS aircraft [e.g.
> Naval 10's Camels].  The pictorial evidence shows that
> on the vast majority of Western Front machines "color"
> was confined to wheels or interplane struts to mark
> Flight colors, modest stripes on cowlings, etc.  56
> Squadron's early S.E.5's are about as extrovert as it
> gets, with big splashes of Flight colors outlined with
> white on fuselage and tail.  Let's face it, for an
> RFC/RAF enthusiast, drab is beautiful!

Come on you lot what about the Ruston Camel! 

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