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And AMC must be American Motor corp!
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Yes, the Datafile is a must if I decide to make that vac kit but I need to 
finish the Phönix C.I first.

I guess DHC stands for De Haviland Corporation or some such.


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>Subject: Re: [WWI] DH6 / was: Salmson 2A paint scheme
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>Hi Mike
>   There is the Windsock "AMC DH6" by Bruce Robertson.
>   Also two books, the first of which is "A Portrait of Military Aviation 
>in South Africa" by Ron Belling, one of South Africas most renowned 
>aviation artists. Inside is his painting of this aircraft along with colour 
>notes. Two were imported to South Africa and flown from Muizenberg, just up 
>the road from where I live. They were written off in accidents during the 
>'20's. The wings of one were rediscovered in the loft of an upholsterer in 
>Salt River in the '60's or '70's. I have heard that they reside in the 
>airforce museum in Pretoria, but so far have had no luck tracking them 
>   The second book is 'In Southern Skies' by John Illsley. This has a 
>number of rather poor quality (over exposed) photographs of the aircraft. 
>It is these three references that I am currently using. And as soon as I am 
>actually able to track down the wings, I will be photographing and 
>measuring them and checking the colour of the fabric.

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