[WWI] Flood jokes, was Revell 1/28 D Vll

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 27 20:24:41 EST 2007

>From: "Ray Boorman
>hey E, you didnt take two copies of everything with you.....
>BTW I am joking and in no way take this seriously, more a lack of good 
>on my part,

You are SOOO back-tracking for the wrong guy. I've been making jokes about 
this since I saw the water line on my roof in the satalite photos. The 
'Wicked Witch'(legs under the house in the middle of the street) that some 
of you might have seen photos of? That was my gag. (I did the original legs 
and fairey wand, someone else later added the pointy hat, whcih was very 
good, and the graffitti, which ruined the whole thing).
Making jokes is about the only thing left to do after something like that.
Listeroos, please, for the record, whenever you  see me post "I lost it in a 
flood", please laugh, because I'm laughing. That phrrase has become the 
running catch phrase/punch line in my life.

And if any of you saw the Spike Lee Katrina movie, in the last hour, he 
shows a house in Arabi(same house where the witch was, actually) where 
someone spray painted the question,"How long does it take for FEMA to clean 
the trash out of the streets in Arabi?", to which I answered, in spray 
paint, "The answer is blowing in the wind." In another spot on that same 
wall I also spray painted the answer,"Who is John Galt?" but Spike didn't 
show that I'm told. (Haven't seen the movie myself.)
Kinda proud that my sense of humor was repeatedly displayed in the national 
media, even if almost no one knows it was me.  Not sure if he's exagerating 
or not, but a friend told me the 'Wicked Witch' is one of the iconic images 
of Katrina.

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