[WWI] S.E.5a in Nivo

Christopher Malany cmm-saj at snet.net
Tue Feb 27 20:12:37 EST 2007

Hi, J. Michael:

This machine is illustrated in Rogers' book, with the
note that it may have been an experimental camouflage

- Chris Malany

--- "J. Michael Vice" <jmikl at cmc.net> wrote:

> There's a photo of the aircraft on p. 378 of Cole
> and Cheesman's book, "The Air Defence of Britain,
> 1914-1918," and I believe I've seen it elsewhere,
> perhaps in Les Rogers's book on British squadron
> markings or the Albatros book on S.E.5/5a squadrons.
>  Note that the caption mentions the scheme as having
> been adopted by No. 61 HD Sqn, then the S.E. was
> transferred to No. 37 HD Sqn.  The photo also
> clearly shows the fire extinguisher-style flame
> dampers at the end of exhausts...

Christopher M. Malany
Stephanie A. Johnson

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