[WWI] Struts WAS DH6

Andy Bannister a.bann at ntlworld.com
Tue Feb 27 13:36:21 EST 2007

> There are some vacs that bring a sort of blackish (scale 
> black???) strut 
> material which is lousy. Pegasus also bring other type, light 
> gray, which is 
> usually too soft and flimsy. Best plastic strut material is 
> the one sold by 
> Aeroclub. One bag of assorted sizes is cheap and enough for 
> several models 
> in various scales.

I'm pretty sure the stuff in Pegasus kits IS the Aeroclub stuff. It used to
be made by Contrail and was a darker & harder plastic. When Contrail was no
more Aeroclub took it over. Depending on whether you get an older kit or not
it may be Contrail or it may be Aeroclub but essentially it's the same
I really liked Contrail's plastic rod for stretched rigging as it was a nice
gun metal colour and stretched very consistently. Unfortunately when
Aeroclub started making this it too went to the light grey colour.

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