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In doing OT aircraft a lot of things are not absolute, but some information 
over the years has been proven to be wrong. So, the reason for my inquire as 
these decals are old from the 70's. Also, what about there albatros D. 
III/D. V sheet? Accurate or not. over the years I have seen a number of 
different aircrafts colors change. For example I have decals for Goring's 
Alb. D. III with three different variations on it.

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> T.O.M. said:
>>I am posting this again as I don't know if it got posted the first time.
>>I have a set of Microscale decals (set 71-146)  for the Fokker D. VII.
>>I was wondering about the accuracy of this set since they were produced 
>>quite a few years ago.
>>I was particularly interested in the D. VII with the polka dot tail?
> Tom, I am sorry to say that as of 2007 I still do not think anyone has the 
> total scoop on that Polka Dotted DVII. IIRC the Anthology pictures this 
> bird but offers the usual details not known type of disclaimer. I guess 
> that using the scheme as provided on that sheet is as acceptable as any 
> other interpretation! You could just do Heldmanns Checkered Tailed bird, 
> with or without the AH :-)
> Rick G.
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