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Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 26 21:46:21 EST 2007

Dave (#whatever) says

>  I have to agree with Paul.  Although there must be a dividing line, I 
>would not put it a 11/11/18, since I love to see the colorful aircraft used 
>in the Soviet/Polish campaign, and other post war use of aircraft built in 
>WW1.  I would not want to exclude the awesome model of a Nieuport 28 in US 
>Navy markings on a post war battleship catapult, or a Fokker D.VII with 
>Liberty engine and US Air Service markings, as well as an Ansaldo Balilla 
>in Polish Kozusko (sic) markings and any other post war markings on WW1 
>That's my oppinion...

Of course, since they are aircraft that first flew during the war, under our 
existing restrictions they qualify even if the date *was* set to 11/11/18

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