[WWI] 54 Sqdn. Redux

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 26 21:44:20 EST 2007

Ray says

>Hey we have all seen the picture of the SE5a in Nivo and PC10 diamonds....
>Now was it really PC10 and Nivo ehhh. Who's to know.

The trouble with theories that colour was rife in RFC squadrons, is that 
there's bugger all evidence of it. Granted that "casual" as opposed to 
official photos are rarer than on the other side, there is still the matter 
of instructions *not* to do it, and the absence of any great number of 
textual references. A *few* mostly ace pilots, or pilots operating post war, 
mention their aircraft being "red" or whatever, might just as easily mean it 
had  red *wheels* while the other flight had "white" aircraft (with white 

Meanwhile, of the ack emmas memoirs that I've read - no comments at all. You 
know, if I was an airframe fitter responsible for painting an aircraft in 
bright colours, I'd mention it to Mum after the war.  Ditto pilots and so 
on, yet the "evidence" is really scarce, which is odd unless the decorations 
were scarce as well

IMHO of course


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