[WWI] Struts WAS DH6

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I try to make everything I can out of plastic because it is so much easier 
to glue.

For all these things, the vac sheet provides templates.  I have the drawings 
in the A-H FMP door stop book but that is in 1/48th scale: I can calculate 
the length of struts from that though by multiplying by two-thirds, if 
necessary.  The trickiest things are the landing gear struts - I try to make 
these by gradually bending the plastic gradually into shape and then putting 
some non-viscous super-glue aorund the bent areas for reinforcement.

To make these parts, I take plastic rod and sand it down to a sort of 
aero-foiled shape.  I stick double-sided tape onto a block of wood.  Stick 
the plastic to it and sand.  Then flip the plastic over and sand the other 


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>>I still haven't made the legs and strut things - long way to go on that 
>Undercarriages are always a bit tricky. Which is you preferred material? 
>Strutz, extruded plastic or bamboo? Do you fit them according to the model 
>and Eyeball Mk.I or do you build a jig for that?

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