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Douglas Anderson djandersonza at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 26 06:57:37 EST 2007

May I step in and put in my two cents worth?
  Personally I think we should allow the members to post their "reasonable" subjects, be they OT or ot. For example at OT subject post-war.
  Then, after it has been viewd a number of times, say after a month, Admin can remove it. 
  Another idea would be to start a folder for ot subjects that will be periodically cleaned. Maybe we should post all our models their first so taht consensus may be reached as to whether it is OT and should be kept, or ot, and should be admired until space considerations dictates that it be removed.
  My Airco DH6 will be ot in the sense that it will be post-war civilian, as brought to South Africa and flown near Cape Town by the Solomon brothers.
  Just a quick reminder, their is the Wings of Peace site which does include OT aircraft that are used post-war by civilians.

ernest thomas <reason108 at hotmail.com> wrote:
  >From: "Paul Thompson" 
> If we *are* short of space, then I'll happily restrict my postings to 
>OT stuff.

What about barnstorming Jennys? What about the von Heretic schemes, which 
are pure fiction, not to mention some other fictional schemes that members 
have done? What about schemes that were deemed fictional after better 
evidence was found, but were done with the purest intents?
I agree we need to draw the line somewhere, otherwise we'll end up with 
pictures of hizzoner's RAF X-Wing Fighter in the gallery. But where should 
the line be? Should we not allow any color schemes after 11:00am, 11-11-18? 
That would be the correct place for the line, but that would indeed leave 
the Showbird Spads out, as well as the checkerboard scheme on the 'Black 
Mike' Camel. I'm pretty sure we've also got a number of pre-war subjects int 
he gallery as well. What about those?
Not trying to argue for or against any of these, just pointing out some 
things that we should consider before we etch anything in stone.

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