[WWI] Added:Westland Wapiti

Joel Christy jbarchristy at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 26 03:54:33 EST 2007

Hi All,
  Sorry to have put the cat amongst the pidgeons,(it won't be the last time ;-)  ).  A couple weeks ago I picked up the old Profile on the Westland Wapti(Canadian ELK!) and had to have one. It was whilst doing the research that got me to thinking the Wapti was in a round about way an OT subject. That is my interprtation. If the powers that be want to take it out of the Gallery; so be it. We could have a vote but these days democracy is such an irrelevant mechanism that it probably isn't worth it. Most of you have seen the offending model anyway so doesn't matter. You can always go to  http://wingsandwire.piczo.com  to see it and more.

Shane Weier <bristolf2b at hotmail.com> wrote:

>Sorry guys, but Grumpy said no. :-)

I'm in no position to say no. Has to be Al or Sanjeev I guess! I'm just 
a grump with a long memory and no short term memory.

>BUt I did figger out what a Wapiti is: It's the sound of a car going down 
>the street with a flat tire.
>Guess the folks in the Dept. of Fighter Plane Names came up with that one 
>after a 3 martini lunch.

Maybe it's a Moose.

I'm just a grump with a long memory and no short term memory

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