[WWI] Eduard Nieuport (was Re: Czech Master Resins future releases)

Matt Bittner matt.bittner at cox.net
Sun Feb 25 20:20:11 EST 2007

On Sun, 25 Feb 2007 21:02:25 -0000, Andy Bannister wrote:

> I just looked in the N.17 datafile and sure enough, there is one in there
> like the Eduard kit. The captured aircraft with the comet on the side and
> top decking (pages 10 & 11) has the lower opening further forward on the
> left side and the upper opening further forward on the right. There are also
> several aircraft with the lower opening further forward on one side and
> others with the upper opening further forward, but I can't tell what the
> other sides of these look like because the photos show one side only. 
> I also note one of Ray Rimmell's rear cover paintings has the lower opening
> further forward but the other two have the upper opening further forward.
> Very odd indeed and I certainly never noticed it before but technically,
> Eduard's kit is correct for at least one aircraft.

Andy, thanks for that.  I guess another aspect of WW1 modeling where
pictures are a necessity.  Plus you learn something new, every day.

Matt Bittner

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