[WWI] Salmson 2A paint scheme

Eric Gallaud egallaud at club-internet.fr
Sun Feb 25 06:12:25 EST 2007

Hi Timothy,

I have the Choroszy kit of the Salmson 2A2. It is provided with AEF 
marking and as I plan to build it as a French aircraft, I can send to 
you the decals.
You can see the scheme here : 
It will be difficult to do an other scheme because the serial and other 
information are printed together with the rudder tri colour.
LMK if you are interested, I can send them to you tomorrow.
For my scheme, I have Bob Pearson's decals, SAL.1.

All the best

Rick Geisler a écrit :
>>> Timothy, first of all as I don't recognize your name, welcome to the
>> list from Boone North Carolina! If you are an Old Hand and my CRS is 
>> kicking in my appologies :-) I looked in my sizeable(and Ancient) 
>> decal stash and found a completely intact "Microscale" 72-0008; 
>> FrenchInsignia, various Roundel sizes, Tail Stripes, Stenciling, Etc. 
>> Included are Black letters for both sides of the rudder for 
>> BR14A2,BR14B2, and BR14 E2? PU and PC figures included. NO serial #s. 
>> The sheet is OLD but surprisingly not yellowed or corroded! I would 
>> still suggest sealing with Superscale Decal Film before use. They are 
>> yours if you want em? Let me know,
>> Rick G.
> Timothy, I woke up this morning and realized you were looking for 
> SALMSON 2A2 markings! I doubt that the decals above will be of any use 
> to you! They are still yours if you want them :-)
> Rick G.
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