[WWI] Czech Master Resins future releases

Matt Bittner matt.bittner at cox.net
Sat Feb 24 22:58:09 EST 2007

Sure wish someone - CMR, prefferably - would do the MoS Type P...

Matt Bittner

On Sun, 25 Feb 2007 14:40:23 +1200, James and Linda Fahey wrote:

> Hi Listees
> I asked the chaps at CMR about their forthcoming releases and here is some 
> info that may be new?
> Happy modelling
> James
> "You ask me about a list of WW I aeroplanes currecntly available.
> Please, visit our CMR website at http://www.cmrmodels.co.uk
> and you will see what everything we produce of WW I aircraft.
> As regards our new model production we just upgrade two next WW I models, 
> the Hansa W.20 and the AGO C.IV.
> We re-mould our original old master models for casting these kits in vacuum 
> technology from PUR material and we will also have the new instruction 
> sheets + nice decals which we will include with these two upgraded kits - it 
> is domne in the same way as we upgraded the Albatros C.III and Pfalz Dr.I 
> recently.
> Warmest regards,
> Petr"

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