[WWI] Fantastic Modeling

Christopher Malany cmm-saj at snet.net
Sat Feb 24 21:46:39 EST 2007

Hello, Andy:

>Who still thinks IPMS stands for Insipid Pathetic
>Masturbators Society

As a sometime-IPMS member, I demand to know what else
the initials might stand for!

Actually, your penetrating reply demands a rare moment
of honesty from me.  My wife and I have an unspoken
social contract:  I pretend not to pay attention to
the pretty topless models, and she pretends not to
notice the small sea of plastic, resin and
photo-etched bits that come through the door. 
Pathetic, perhaps, but it works for me!  <VBG!> 

- Chris Malany 

--- Andy Bannister <a.bann at ntlworld.com> wrote:

> Chris wrote:
> > 
> > The last big show I attended was World Expo for
> > military miniatures in Boston.  If an entire troop
> of
> > harem girls had pranced through the exhbition
> hall, I
> > wouldn't have noticed - I'd have just continued
> cooing
> > over my purchases and happily photographing the
> > miniatures.  Let's face it, modelers are odd
> > creatures.
> Speak for yourself! I think the reason so many of
> them were ignoring the
> topless model is because they've never seen a real
> live naked woman before.
> Andy
> Who still thinks IPMS stands for Insipid Pathetic
> Masturbators Society

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