[WWI] Bristol M1c; Crossley tender

Douglas Anderson djandersonza at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 24 08:42:23 EST 2007

Matchbox "Models of Yesteryear" produced some which may still be available. This site listed their scale as 1/47. http://www.crossley-motors.org.uk/Models/models.html
  Unforunately I cannot think of any-one who produces an OT model.
  It might be an idea for this group to join together and produce limited run resin kits for trade within the group, especially of subjects that are unavailable but which many members would love to get their paws on.

Christopher Malany <cmm-saj at snet.net> wrote:
  Hello, All:

A couple of questions for the list:

1) Is there any evidence a Bristol M1c monoplane was
ever flown operationally in France? I know that
individual machines went to aerodromes and depots as
"demonstrators," and there is a splendid photo of
James McCudden standing next to one, purportedly in
France. I'd think the temptation to "play test" a
fast new machine would have been strong. Just

2) Does anyone know if 1/48th or 1/35th scale replicas
exist of the ubiquitous Crossley tender? I'm
considering a small diorama, in the unlikely event I
ever actually finish a kit .

Thanks in advance!

- Chris Malany 

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