[WWI] Bristol M1B in France

Ray B fokkereiv at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 21:38:55 EST 2007

Chris,  asked earlier if any M1C's went to France and as far as I can 
tell only 1 M1 ever went to France that being A5139 which I believe was 
the second M1 built and was designated as a M1B.

The Prototype M1 was designated as M1a and had serial #A5138 This in 
early pictures had hoops rather than the pyramid structure of cabanes 
above the pilots head.

A5139-A5141 were designated as M1B's had a cellon covered area in the 
starboard wing for downward vision and on the port side of the fuselage 
had a single vickers gun fitted. There was no cellon covered cutout on 
the port side since the gun would have masked it. apart from that they 
looked pretty much like a M1C

A5139 which went to France in early January was back in Britain by March.
A5139 and A5140 were initially fitted with 110 Hp clerget 9Z,  A5141 was 
equipped with a 130hp  Clerget
A5142 was the first M1C


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