[WWI] RAF wires

Douglas Anderson djandersonza at yahoo.com
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You could always produce a draw plate, one with the correct shaped hole in order to produce the correct profile for the wire.

Andy Bannister <a.bann at ntlworld.com> wrote:  My advice would be to not bother in the manly scale Tracy. I tried
stretching Contrail strut stock for RAF wires and it was a major pain in the
butt to try and get it absolutely straight when rigging. Even the slightest
twist in the wire is very noticeable and pretty much impossible to correct
without ripping the wire out and starting again. Like turnbuckles, I really
don't think it's necessary to try and depict streamlined rigging in 72nd.
Changing to a geriatric scale is definitely not an option!!

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> hi all,
> since I enjoyed the vac wing thread so much (really),
> I thought I'd take the oppertunity to ask for folks'
> prefered method of modeling the RAF double flying
> wires? I seem to recall someone drilling the holes in
> card and using that as a template.
> Keep in mind that I work in the
> ever-so-macho-and-tough 72 scale, so suggestions
> (other than changing scales.. pah!) geared towards
> smaller scale applications would be much appreciated.
> This is all in preparation for my Pup-n-Snipe-fest
> that starts next week.
> cheers, tracy
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