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Joel Christy jbarchristy at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Feb 23 03:29:43 EST 2007

  Hi All,
  I have to agree with John. I haven't used Klear/ Future for 40 years(more like 15) but I have never had any problems with it. I no longer bother sparying it as I have found brushing a lot easier and less messy.  It can build up on trailing edges but it can be earisly brushed out if you take care. "Best thing since sliced bread," as they say!

John Huggins <huggins1 at swbell.net> wrote:
  I have been using Future for almost 40 years now. If you try to put 
a wet coat on in the first pass, you will have all the problems that 
have been mentioned. Future is an acrylic liquid. That being said, 
it is self leveling, which is a plus if you let it work for you. I 
first mist on a light coat, which looks like a whole lot of tiny 
bubbles on the surface. Give it a few minutes, as it dries it 
levels out and the bubbles go away. This time is usually no longer 
than what it takes to go from one wing tip up the wing, down the 
fuselage, around the tail, back up the other side of the fuselage, 
out the opposite wing to the tip. I then go right back to the 
starting point and lay down the wet coat. The new future coat binds 
to and blends with the layer below. It will dry smooth and glossy. 
The bubbles are more prominent on metal or bare plastic surfaces. It 
is less noticeable on flat painted surfaces.

As far as the yellowing goes, I have model over 20 years old that 
have not yellowed with the Future over coat. The models I have over 
coated with Dull/Flat coat, Tamiya clear or any kind of Lacquer or 
enamel clear have yellowed. This has not been just the white paint 
but other colors as well.

The worst is the lacquer based clears, enamels are next, followed by 
the varnish types. The bottom line is that any white paint will 
yellow depending on the exposure to direct sun light. The other 
colors will either yellow or bleach out, it just depends on the pigment.

Try the Future again. Mist on a base coat first. Let it dray a bit 
as it levels out, then put on the final wet coat. To get less gloss, 
mix in varying amounts of Polly S (if you can still find it) clear 
flat to suit.


On Feb 22, 2007, at 11:37 AM, Andy Bannister wrote:

> Joel:
>> You can't go wrong with Klear/Future floor polish.
> Oh yes you bl**dy well can!! The stuff often beads up over paint, 
> or goes
> down fine on the paint and beads up on decals. I've tried it 
> straight and
> thinned, over acrylics and enamels - sometimes it works fine, 
> sometimes it
> looks like sh*te. I won't take the risk anymore and just don't use it.
> Andy

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