[WWI] Warneford's Morane L

Ivan Carlos Ruchesi ivruc at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Feb 21 16:34:05 EST 2007

John Hebditch <JCH at JCHebditch.me.uk> escribió:>I am making Warnefords Morane L but am having some problems with >a couple of
>specific details.

>I have the Windsock data file but I am looking for details of the bomb >rack
>on the undercarriage and the aiming/dropping device on the side of the
>fuselage.  None of the photo's in the datafile are very clear on these two

>Anyone know of any other references?

>John Hebditch

Hi John,

I remember to have seen three photos of this machine showing those details in the Flying Machines book "Victoria Cross, WW1 Airmen and Their Aircraft", but they are small and I´m not sure if they´ll serve you. May be you´ll have to clear the pictures by using CorelDraw or PhotoShop softwares.


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