[WWI] Phönix C.I progress and questions

Ivan Carlos Ruchesi ivruc at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Feb 21 16:20:03 EST 2007

Michael Kendix <mkendix at hotmail.com> escribió:

>I misread your previous post.  You mentioned 121.17 with the star - >yes, I 
>have seen this.  I wanted to make 121.29, which had A-H hex.  I now 
>understand what you were saying.  I knew the 121.29 almost certainly >was 
>early - but thought you had found another picture of it.


Sorry for the mistake Michael, I was thinking about that star on fuselage when replied.
We can assume 121.29  is an early machine  featuring  the  square cutout on the upper wing and  no ones on the lower wings. In the A-H aircraft book, 121.27 and 28  seem to show  them and  those planes are the closest to 121.29. The later cutouts appear in 121.50 (along an Anatra, see "German and Foreign Aircraft" section in the book).
Unfortunately my copy of the book is from the second edition and doesn´t include any color plates, because the authors found the color samples from the Gerrard collection to be false. I couldn´t find any picture showing a Phonix-built plane covered in lozenge, it appears to me that it was only used in Berg D.Is (several manufacturers) and in Lohner-built Knoller C.IIs, although 121.29 could have had it as an experiment.
In the book, 121.28 has the blotched scheme only at the rear of the fuselage and rudder...may be someone had just started painting it?



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