[WWI] Turnbuckles

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 21 16:03:16 EST 2007

>From: Thayer Syme <thayers at flyrc.com>
>at 1/48, you are looking at .104x.010. Certainly more reasonable. I like 
>the stretched tube or insulation tips.

In the book "On Miniature Wings", there's a few models where this method was 
used and to me, it just looks like a bit of tubing slipped on the wire, and 
not at all like a turnbuckle. I even once tried taking this method one step 
further with a piece of hypo tubing. I ground off the sides so it had that 
open center. And when I put it on the model, it looked like a bit of hypo 
tubing with the sides ground off and not really like a turnbuckle. I guess 
it looked better than nothing but not good enough to make enough to rig a 
complete biplane.

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