[WWI] Turnbuckles etc. in modeling

Michael Moore maxwinthrop at yahoo.com
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Along similar lines I've had what I consider good success with stretched cotton bud sticks.  It definitely takes some practice to get the plastic sticks to stretch without pulling them in half, but it does work.  It takes me about 10 cotton buds to get enough good stretches to rig a 1/48 Albatros DIII.  I rig with monofilament "invisible" thread and then slip the stretched tube over the thread.  I paint the thread a dark gray and the turnbuckles a metallic gray.
  Mike Moore

Mike Robinson <mr1057 at frontiernet.net> wrote:
  I've used the Part set for 1/48th, and they look OK, but they are flat and
still don't look quite "right". I used them on my Martin Handasyde.

Since I built that I've found some fine gage wire that has an insulation
with an outside diameter of .008", and an inside diameter of .003". It's
easy to slice and strip off, and takes paint well. I am going to try it on
my Seagull to see how it looks.


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> Hi:
> The Part photo-etch set for the Roden 1/72nd scale Albatros D.I provides a
> set of mounts for the struts and turnbuckles to be attached to them.
> used these?
> I know Shane Weier said that it was difficult to represent turnbuckles
> in 1/48-th scale but Peter Plattner did a pretty decent job on his Lloyd
> C.V.
> Michael
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