[WWI] Turnbuckles

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 21 12:36:27 EST 2007

I'd be willing to put acad to work in drawing them up if we can come up with 
a better, non-flat design for them. My first thought involves the typical 
approach, only mirrored so you've got something that folds in half around 
the rigging material. But that would only give us a thicker, but still 
flat-ish turnbuckle. Any brilliant ideas out there?

>From: Fred Hultberg <oletcherfred at yahoo.com>
>We offered to etch turnbuckles(all scales) if someone would take on the 
>deign job. Farily simple job but as an "ex" modeler, and not being art 
>artist myself, I need serious coaching on what people want.
>   I got exactly zero replies. Designer's original sets, if suitable, would 
>be free to him or her up to a fairly unreasonable quantity, then they could 
>go on the market as "Fotokits."
>   Sad... apparently "some people" want them but no one can find a pen and 
>paper or art program. Or, they just don't want them that badly...
>   Fred Hultberg(resident etching wizard, Fotocut)
>   p.s. Where is Lance Krieg?
>8:00? 8:25? 8:40?  Find a flick in no time
>  with theYahoo! Search movie showtime shortcut.


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