[WWI] Observations

sperry sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Feb 21 10:58:03 EST 2007

> E!
> > There's also a Bleriot and Fok.E-III, both with wing warping. In the
> > pictured flight attitude,some of the rigging wires on the wings have a
> > very pronounced sag. I always just assumed the wires would always stay
> > tight.

All the rigging on my flying models is functional. My Eastbourne monoplane,
(43") has only two 1/16 dia music wires that slide into aluminum tubes in
the fuselage for each wing panel. Ninety percent of the strength of the
wings is in the rigging. It is very noticable that the upper(landing) wires
are slack in flight while the lower, (flying) wires remain very taught.
Loops have to be done carefully with great attention to the throttle. Even
with 30 lb Super Pro fishing line for rigging the wings noticably bow
pulling out of the loop.

This effect exists, but is not nearly as noticable in biplanes.


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