[WWI] Observations

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Wed Feb 21 10:15:20 EST 2007

> There's also a Bleriot and Fok.E-III, both with wing warping. In the 
> pictured flight attitude,some of the rigging wires on the wings have a 
> very pronounced sag. I always just assumed the wires would always stay 
> tight.

"in a perfect world"... the upper wires "sag" because the flying wires 
(below) are somewhat elastic and perhaps tend to get longer while the 
aircraft is flying. I bet that the same airplane shot during landing may 
show taut upper wires (landing wires!) and loose flying wires.

> Then there's a close up shot of a Camel in flight. The Camel does have a 
> rotary engine but what's really interesting is on the center section of 
> the top wing, the fabric is pulled up due to the low air pressure

Inderdaad, fabric covering also gets affected during flight, depending on 
the elaticity of the covering and the forces actuating on the airframe. I 
have a picture of the Canadian repro Nieuport 17 in flight that clearly 
shows the fuselage fabric tightly against the inner structure. The same 
airplane, parked neatly in the airport, doesn't show this at all.
I once met a girl that in the morning looked quite different from the prior 
night. It was a quite shocking experience, to say the least. 

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