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Tue Feb 20 23:29:22 EST 2007

Hi Listeroos,
My brother bought me a copy of the 2007 GHOSTS calendar, Great War edition. 
Said he paid a buck for it. It's easily worth twice that.
It's pretty nice for those who haven't seen it. Here's a few high;'ights and 
There's a Sopwith Tabloid in it. Don't know if its a repro or original. 
Anyone familiar with it?
There's also a Fok.D-VI, which I'm pretty sure is a repro. One interesting 
detail I noticed is on the cockpit arc cutout on the top wing, the wing is 
probably about 4" thick at the center of the arc, and pretty square looking. 
And it looks like there might be a grab hole cut into the vertical face of 
the cut out. I'm wondering if the Eduard kit is similar?
There's also a Bleriot and Fok.E-III, both with wing warping. In the 
pictured flight attitude,some of the rigging wires on the wings have a very 
pronounced sag. I always just assumed the wires would always stay tight.
Then there's a close up shot of a Camel in flight. The Camel does have a 
rotary engine but what's really interesting is on the center section of the 
top wing, the fabric is pulled up due to the low air pressure and the effect 
is the exact opposite of what a fabric covered wing looks like on the 
ground. Or maybe more like what the underside of a cambered wing would look 
like. But the raised fabric isn't constant from LE to TE. Along the LE, as 
far back as the highhest point on the ribs, the fabric has the standard 
'dip' between the ribs and false ribs. The D-VII seems to have the same 
thing going on with the upper side of the top wing, but not the bottom wing. 
However,t he D-VII is photographed from a greater distance than the Camel so 
it could be a trick of the light on that photo.
Like I said, just a few observations, but these are things that one might 
consider when planning an inflight diorama.

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