[WWI] Phönix C.I progress and questions

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 20 17:18:22 EST 2007

Hi Ivan:

I have the Italian book and am rushing off home now to look at it.  Thanks 
very much - I didn't think to look at the "Italian" aces book for an A-H 

And yes, I am fairly sure that 121.17 was early not late.


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>Michael Kendix <mkendix at hotmail.com> escribió:
> >I have a couple of questions.
> >1. With what number did the early series 121 end and the late begin?  I
> >cannot find this information in the FMP tome or other sources I own.
> >The late/early thing matters because the lower wing has cut outs 
> >adjacent to
> >the fuselage in the late version.  Also, I think, a different horizontal
> >tail part, although the pieces in the vac sheet look fairly similar to 
> >Thanks,
> >Michael
>Hi Mike,
>Regarding question 1, I think we can only trust in the production chart 
>featured in the A-H aircraft tome, as it separates the production series, 
>now which is the late one I don´t know.
>However, if you´re building 121.17, there are a 3/4 front view of it in 
>Schiffer´s book "Italian Aces of World War 1 and Their Aircraft". This 
>plane featured no cut outs in the lower wings, and the upper one featured 
>the squared cut out, not the swept one (follow the continue cut out line in 
>the 3 view  on the A-H  tome, not the dotted one).
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