[WWI] Progress

Dennis Ugulano djuggie at comcast.net
Tue Feb 20 07:12:25 EST 2007


    I have the Datafile, a Windsock of 1990 (prior to the Datafile) and some 
photos I took when I was in Dayton at Wright-Patterson.  It appears 
Miekraft's main reference was Color Profiles of World War 1 Combat Planes by 
Apostolo and Bignozzi.
    I generally am a one reference source builder.  The Caproni just has a 
good amount of reference that I happen to have.  All of it will be good. 
But especially your photos of a restored version.  The trolley idea will be 
    My kit is making some progress.  I re-photographed the box and 
instructions and have painted the radiators.  Now to wrap the metal etch 
around them.  Oh, what did I get myself into.
    I'm hoping Tech Support can get the build page up by the weekend.


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