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What references do you consider to be the most useful? I just received some 
photos of the restored Caproni in Italy which were taken with an eye for 
modelling detail. Like you I have one of these kits but mine is tucked away 
waiting in a 'priority queue' for building. I would like to do a little 
diorama with the plane on the little trolleys on rails that were used to run 
the aircraft out of the hangars.
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> >Caproni Ca3 have too few engines for 6 radiators<
>    Not when you put two per engine.  I couldn't just give the answer.  I 
> was not aware of 6 radiators until I started the build and looked at my 
> reference.  By the way, I have more reference material on this plane than 
> any kit I have ever built.  I will be doing the scheme for "Piave".
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