Phönix C.I progress and questions

Michael Kendix mkendix at
Mon Feb 19 20:52:46 EST 2007


Progress continues on the C.I front (and the Albatros D.I but that's a 
different matter).

I have closed the fuselage on the Sierra Scale vac though much sanding and 
filling needs to be done.

I have a couple of questions.

1. With what number did the early series 121 end and the late begin?  I 
cannot find this information in the FMP tome or other sources I own.

2.C&C in 1987 shows a picture of a crashed C.I, 121.29.  It has A-H lozenge. 
  Would these be the same lozenge that are portrayed in Americal-Gryphon's  
k.u.k. Tarnstoff, sheet #13.

The late/early thing matters because the lower wing has cut outs adjacent to 
the fuselage in the late version.  Also, I think, a different horizontal 
tail part, although the pieces in the vac sheet look fairly similar to me.



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