[WWI] Donation build for local museum

Stuart L. Malone smalone at kc.rr.com
Mon Feb 19 09:48:40 EST 2007


Sorry for the delay.  I just realized now I hadn't gotten back to  
you.  My apologies.  If you're still interested, the address of the  
museum is:

National Military Heritage Museum
701 Messanie St.
St. Joseph MO  64501

Please include a note the models are for the WWI airfield diorama/ 
display.  Thank you very much.

Stuart L. Malone

On Jan 2, 2007, at 1:38 AM, Douglas Anderson wrote:

> Send me the shipping address. Just let you friend know that I will  
> ship him some items, but that he muight have to wait as I am  
> currently still in Angola. I will send to him when I get back home.
> "Stuart L. Malone" <smalone at kc.rr.com> wrote:   That's a most  
> excellent idea! I'm sure it wouldn't be any problem at
> all. If anyone else out there would care to contribute in this
> fashion, I'd be ever so grateful, as would the museum. Please
> contact me off list for a shipping address. Thank you very much!
> Stuart L. Malone
> On Dec 30, 2006, at 11:31 AM, Douglas Anderson wrote:
>> Would he like donations of 1/48 or other scale models that we have
>> duplicates of?
>> "Stuart L. Malone" wrote: I know we've had
>> some new recruits to the list since last I inquired,
>> so I thought I better send out another invitation.
>> A fellow IPMS club member has been building all sorts of kits for the
>> Military Heritage Museum in St. Joseph Missouri. He wanted to do a
>> WWI diorama in 1/48th scale but had to move to Texas. He left all
>> the aircraft kits in my care to build for the diorama. To speed
>> things along, I have asked the help of the list. Several list
>> members have already stepped up and graciously volunteered their
>> expertise. One such individual has already finished two kits! I'm
>> only about halfway done with one! Anyway, I have three more kits up
>> for grabs if anyone feels they would like to contribute and could
>> possibly complete the model in a year or so. So if any of you are
>> interested, contact me off list. Here's the kits that still need to
>> be built, all are 1/48th scale:
>> Blue Max Bristol F2b fighter
>> Blue Max Airco DH2
>> Revell SE5
>> All are to be built OOB with main bracing wires rigged. Control
>> wires would be nice if you are so inclined, but not necessary. Thank
>> you all.
>> Stuart L. Malone
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