[WWI] French blue

Dave Calhoun davecww1 at cox.net
Sun Feb 18 20:31:54 EST 2007

Hi Matt,
just make your own center blue dots!  Easy to make, just airbrush the intermediate blue onto some clear decal paper, and use a circle template or punch to pop out the correct size cockade center.  In 1/72 scale you may need to use something like a Waldron punch & die set to get the correct size center spots, then just apply these over the kit decals to cover up the silly looking royal blue.  And of course you can paint the rudder stripes, hopefully the newer eduard decals have seperate black serial #'s.
> I really like the so-called lighter or duller blue, such as that used by 
> Americal-Gryphon.  However, I guess the problem is if you have to use the 
> kit's decals, you need to have a paint to match up to do the tail stripes 
> and touch-ups etc.

Exactly.  Since I've had problems with A/G's roundels in the past, and
since they're gone no one else is doing WW1 decals in 1/72nd, we're
stuck with matching what the manufacturers offer.

With A/G out of the picture, WW1 modeling has taken a step toward the
way it was years ago.  Sad, since no one is likely to "step up to the
plate" to take A/G's place.

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