[WWI] SE.5a ailerons

iban ibancorp at TDS.net
Fri Feb 16 23:08:51 EST 2007

sperry wrote:
>> a) the long-span ailerons with their greater surface area were too
>> effective, and risked damage to the airframe from excessive torsion, so
>> they were shortened; or
>> b) the short-span ones didn't provide a rapid enough roll-rate for
>> combat, so they were lengthened.
>> like i said, wild-assed guess, so...  yuh asks yer question, and yuh
>> takes yer chances, as far as answers go.
> As wild assed guesses go, that's a good 'un. Especially interesting as I'm building a flying model. The model was designed with the short style ailerons and I've built it that way, so I'm asking out of idle curiosity rather than any modeling necessity.
> sp
i dunno.  if you encounter any jinky crosswinds on landing, you may find 
yourself with more necessity than you want.  let's hope it was not 
answer b.  however, given philippe's observation that only a few were 
built short-spanned, i'd say try to avoid situations where rapid roll 
rates are required.  (no extra charge for alliteration.)

let us know how it flies!


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