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John Ratzenberger JohnRatzenberger at yahoo.com
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Is this the same Merlin that was re-releasing the old Frog/Penguin line ?
I have their (ot) Hawker Osprey kit.  The instructions are a reprint & the historical section is in present (pre-WW2) tense.

John Ratzenberger

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The guy who was behind Merlin - Vagn Espensen - died a couple of years back. 

Always was a bit of an eccentric. Chris Gannon made masters for them at the 
time (Chris was only about 17 or 18 then) and was very keen to ensure that 
everyone knew Pegasus had no connection with Veeday.

Vagn Espensen's son posted on the 'Drome at that time:


More than one listee on that thread!!


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