[WWI] Merlin V. Pegasus

john isn't eddie anymore druvnik at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 16 08:52:05 EST 2007

Something def. happened to Merlin. The Dh 5 and Roland d-type built up very nicely. Then they had the the 1/48 Alb. D ll- not bad, a chore, but not bad. Then the infamous Fee and Salmson-not the two worst kits ever made, but tied for #2, the worst kit ever made on GGE was the Merlin Halb C-whatever. What were the Merlin dies made of? Papier-mache? Wax? But right now I'm working on a pair of Rumplers that are Pegalin and Merlsus-I used the Peg extra parts to turn the Peg into a Clll, and the Merl is now a C lv-yeah, I know, the bottom wing is wrong for a C lll, but I realized that after both were built up. Is this miscegnation? (sp.?)-J Marganski
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