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Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 15 19:26:22 EST 2007

>I do this every year - and it's a sad list - but I'll do it again.  All
>in 1/72nd, of course (all other scales are a government conspiracy).
>Omega Morane Saulnier Type AC
>Flashback Sopwith 1.B1 Strutter
>Eduard Albatros D.V (x2)
>Toko Hansa Brandenburg D.I (x2)
>Kitbash Nieuport 16 (sadly over a decade in progress <sigh>)
>Eduard Fokker F.I
>There are probably more, but that's all I can remember.  See?  Pretty
>Oh, and the Eduard Early SPAD XIII just showed up, so I'm going to
>start one of those, too.
>Egads, what have I gotten myself into?
>And I still have yet to rid the Nieuport I finished in December...
>I need help...

Not a bad list by my point of view! I have a multitude of started kits, 
mostly 1/48th. Some are ot, about 20 depending on how much work denotes 
started :-) , others are OT,
1.Sopwith Snipe
3.Nieuport 17 X2
4.Nieuport 24
5.Pfalz DIII X2
6.Albatros DV X2
7.Fokker DR1 X2
9.Fokker DVII (2 Roden, 1 Eduard)
Thats what comes to mind without going into the model room and checking! By 
the way, this does not include figures of which I also have a bunch started!
Rick G.

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